Debtvision GmbH

Debtvision GmbH is a joint venture of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and Börse Stuttgart GmbH. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Debtvision GmbH operates a digital platform for debt financing that connects companies, financial institutions and the public sector efficiently and directly with institutional investors. Debtvision GmbH focuses on borrowers and investors for whom enables full control, transparency and decision-making sovereignty over capital financing. The platform started with a digital marketplace for promissory note loans. In the future, further financing products are to be offered on the digital marketplace.



The customer Debtvision GmbH faced the challenge to introduce a technologically advanced and scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution in the company. An important goal was to gain new knowledge and insights about the customers. This goal supposed to be realized with intuitive customer activity tracking. Office 365 package applications, where data can be cross-linked and retrieved at any time was the best solution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online was to be the central solution for the mapping of business processes in the areas of sales and marketing. The application had to be flexible enough to easily connect to external applications or platforms. Existing customer data should be easily migrated to the new environment.


Considering existing utilization of Office 365 in the organization and the simple interface optimization associated with it, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Online was chosen. It ensured the relevant mapping of the sales and marketing processes. The existing, as well as future business processes should all lie within Microsoft’s IT infrastructure.

Debtvision CEO

Project Implementation

After an advanced examination and requirements analysis phase according to “SureStep”, the project was implemented within the agile management framework “Scrum”. The individual requirements from the requirements analysis phase were stored as PBIs in the product backlog and implemented over several iterations, taking milestones into account. In addition to the individual customization of the system and the automation of core processes, the focus was on structuring the data for future analyses in order to be able to tap new customer potential at an early stage. With the aim of a datadriven organization, the sales and marketing departments should be able to access a large number of key figures in Dynamics 365

Project Management

An initial data migration of all business-relevant data took place before the system went live. For the migration of the master data, it was structured and then initially migrated using out-of-the-box functionality of the CRM system.

Project Result

The go-live of the system was able to be realized during the business hours as it was a new system implementation. The Debtvision GmbH got full control now of the sales and marketing processes internationally, and thus can better coordinate and evaluate its customer business. Cloud Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales resulted in enabling the company to use the sales and marketing processes on mobile devices outside its own business premises and also integrate them into other systems in an easy and intuitive way

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