Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customer Service

Your omnichannel customer service solution for a holistic view of your customer data

Reach your customers anytime, anywhere with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Empower your teams with insights from activity reports that increase customer satisfaction. Also, use the functionalities of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to spend less time searching and more on customer engagement.

Thanks to MS Customer Service, you can personalize every customer contact across all channels through a 360-degree customer view. Your customer service employees' work is made easier by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service applications, as the right information is available to them at all times.

Customer service in the digital age

  • Make better decisions and proactively improve customer satisfaction with AI-driven insights.
  • With MS Customer Service, enable your customer service teams to identify and automate common support issues using intelligent chatbots - no programming required.
  • Unify all your customer data across the entire source space to provide a unified view of customers in real time.
  • Offer employees who have to make business relevant decisions on a daily basis the ability to make them with intelligent apps.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Solution

Self-service functions

Productivity of the customer service staff


Forward-looking service


Knowledge articles and knowledge community

Relevance search in the knowledge database

360-degree customer view

Anticipatory chat on customer relations

Personalized service on all sales channels

Virtual customer service employees

Service Level Agreements and performance reports

Performance metrics and emerging trends across all sales channels

Anticipatory chat on customer relations

Unified routing of records of cases and entities to the correct channels


Intelligent assistance offers

Performance and commitment of customer service staff

Forward-looking events

Competence-based forwarding for work division

Creating surveys for customer feedback

Simultaneous access by different users in their own working environment

Your advantages through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

A platform to avoid data silos

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service runs on the same platform as other applications of Microsoft's business application solutions. This means that no further data silos are created.      

Intuitive customer self-service portal for cost savings

Through a variety of intuitive customer self-service solutions such as a customer dashboard with all central customer information and a knowledge database, there is a huge potential for cost savings thanks to Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

Increase in productivity and performance of your employees

The productivity of your employees is increased by a chat bot that forwards customer concerns in a targeted manner. Customer Service (Dynamics 365) also enables a 360-degree customer view by summarizing previous customer contacts and customer concerns.

Better decisions through artificial intelligence (AI) technologies

Various evaluations on new cases, customer satisfaction and the performance of your customer service employees support you as a manager. Customer Service (Dynamics 365) thus provides you with a comprehensive overview at all times and enables you to make the right decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service - Inspire customers and make them loyal fans

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Predictive customer service - Dynamics 365 helps your company to

Phone Chat WhatsApp SMS Email

Communication with customers via their preferred channels

Use your experience to determine which channels your customers use to contact you.

Get and stay in touch with customers through your customer service team's unified interface:

  • Telephone contact
  • Chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • E-mail

  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Other customer channels

A unified customer service experience

Create consistent interaction with customer service.

You can ensure that each of your customers will have a unified interaction with your customer experience thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service - even when the case is passed between customer service representatives or customer channels.

Productivity Tool Performance Report

Support your customer service team through productivity tools

Forward cases by topic or channel in an intelligent way.

Automatically assign cases to the most appropriate customer service representative to resolve the issue, reducing customer wait time.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service - Customer survey on client satisfaction

Learn more about your customers with surveys

Get relevant information about your customers through surveys with Microsoft Forms Pro.

	Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Knowledge Base Virtual Agent Artificial Intelligence

Unified technologies for optimal use of your knowledge base

Enable your customer service representatives to provide faster answers to your customers through artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

AI technologies in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can resolve customer issues faster by recommending similar knowledge articles or cases to your customer service agents through real-time-based cues from the customer issue. 

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can bring new digital services to your business.

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