Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Offering Differentiated Service Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Manage your employees' field service assignments centrally and efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. The solution ensures smooth processes in your company through workflows, automation and mobility. So that you have to use almost no employee resources for troubleshooting.

The solution offers tools that help with the creation of work orders., technician scheduling and dispatching, work order execution, asset management and maintenance, and inventory and invoicing. In this way, Dynamics 365 Field Service equips technicians with everything they need to increase first-time fix rates.
Depending on the company and industry, the process may vary, but the general concept behind it is the same.
Mobile workers need to be planned and deployed to deliver services to customers. Regardless of the industry, companies often use field service applications because they contain tools that help with this process.

Through the data generated by IoT sensors Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service recognises malfunctions and faults remotely. Thus, it can support in solving them online as well. This results not only in increased efficiency in their own processes, cost reductions through resource savings, but also in higher customer satisfaction due to faster troubleshooting. This and many more features and benefits of using the solution can be found in this article.

Access to the right information at the right time

  • Increase first-time-fix rates as well as staff productivity in service and production
  • Reduction of travel time, mileage and vehicle wear and tear
  • Better management of upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Have digital signatures done directly at the customer
  • Proactive service: predictive maintenance instead of costly troubleshooting
  • Documentation of solutions to customer problems

Sébastien Bey
CIO, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

"Choosing a platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is a long-term commitment and migrating 12,000 users is not something we would undo in two years. We wanted a partner that would ensure continuous innovation - a must in an agile and changing world."

Your advantages with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Promote your customer interactions

Through punctual scheduling and information on the location of technical staff.which you can take from the solution, you meet the expectations of your customers.

Offer proactive service

Move to a proactive service model through PredictiveMaintenance: It combines monitoring and predictive maintenance with IoT diagnostics, planning, maintenance and inventory on the same platform.

Optimise tasks through more effective mobility

The mobile application for Field Service combines offline access to bookings, work orders and assets to track service activities via the IoT, even in the field.

Automate your scheduling

The scheduling overview integrated in Field Service optimises their planning: minimising driving times, maximising utilisation and reacting to delays, cancellations and other delays.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service - Stand out through excellent service


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Your standard implementation

14 days Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Our Standard Packaged Services Offerings (SPSO), standardise a project from A to Z and provide predictable cost, scope and timeframe for adding value to your business. The 14-day Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Implementation Package is an SPSO that specialises in, among other things, the provision of the solution from the cloud, its implementation and customisation, the data import, as well as the end user training of the solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Feature Highlights

Offer differentiated service deployments with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

More for the field worker

Give your field staff the possibility to react to all eventualities and to be provided with all necessary information.

Use the mobile app to manage not only your customers' contact details, but also all work orders as well as schedules and routes. Effectively do more with experience-based checklists and knowledge base articles that are available to employees at any time.

Optimise your service processes

Keep an overview of all important key figures at all times.

Through detailed dashboards, you can simplify the analysis of sales opportunities and analyse and improve the first-time-fix rates of your staff.

Avoid service calls

Get ahead of the problems

With the help of IoT sensors, you can detect any faults remotely and remedy them remotely without the customer even noticing a problem.

Keep your customer data at a glance

Offer your customers the best possible service by accessing the structure of the respective facilities at any time.

Combined Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Field Service capabilities allow you to view your customers' asset hierarchy, locations and service level agreements in a structured way.

Optimise resource allocation

Use the interactive map to optimise outreach.

Easy resource assignment: Using the drag & drop function in Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can assign an assignment to the nearest and available employee. 

Read more about the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service here.

Find the ways to optimise maintenance and service calls with Dynamics 365 Field Service.

We are happy to help you with a practical introduction in a test environment or a live demo by a solution expert. In doing so, you can discover the Dynamics 365 applications to support your employees, sustain customer loyalty and optimise processes.

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