Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Your platform for business applications based on the Microsoft Ecosystem

Microsoft Dynamics 365 understands itself as a comprehensive Platform for business applications. The service combines among others CRM, ERPHR, Office 365 and AI solutions (artificial intelligence). Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes a contribution to the digital transformation in the company and offers assistance in Management decisions through business intelligence and reporting functionalities. Process optimization, automation and Cloud Technologies contribute to flexibility and efficiency. Also on mobile work Dynamics 365 is designed for access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications via computer browser, mobile browser and native smartphone apps.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete business management solution for business applications. In Dynamics 365, users will find the latest CRM and ERP solutions from Microsoft as well as Office 365, Power BI and Cortana Intelligence Suite, combined in one cloud service. Also the connection of IoT-devices (Internet of Things) with the cloud is possible in a secure way. This allows you to bring sensor information from the environment into your business applications. The system, which is modularly structured according to business apps, can be expanded to meet company-specific requirements. The various Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications enable your organization to quickly map standard functionalities from various functional areas of your company in one software solution and to use them profitably. Numerous business apps enable flexible adaptation to challenges. Besides the high degree of integration, the focus of the complete solution is on a modern user interface, which leads to a high acceptance by the end users.

Cross-functional networking in the digital age

  • Application in micro enterprises with 10 employees up to large corporations with thousands of users.
  • Standard apps for the various functional areas of your company within Microsoft Dynamics 365, which can be extended as a modular system.
  • Quick implementation of new functions as well as anytime cloud-based individual scalability to changing business needs.
  • Functionalities are based on cloud technologies and also enable mobile working on end devices with offline capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
solution overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports your business across all functional areas of your company.

Sales Marketing Customer Service Power BI

Your advantages through Microsoft Dynamics 365

Platform across all corporate divisions

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you create a single, reliable source of information, allowing data to be seamlessly shared across all areas of your business. 

Use of mobile solutions for location-independent work

A wide range of mobile deployment scenarios are supported, so that employees can use the relevant functions offline on tablets or smartphones from anywhere.

Scalability and adaptability for quick adaptation to your needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a modular structure. This means that additional functions and users can be easily implemented if required - and thus adapted to your company's needs.

Use the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for your company

Your employees can make decisions based on data and using intelligent tools. This can contribute significantly to increasing the efficiency of your company.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Optimization of marketing and sales processes

Performance features of Microsoft Dynamics 365

The standard apps for the various functional areas of your company within Microsoft Dynamics 365 form the basis, which can be extended as a kind of construction kit. Configurable Power Apps are also available. Together, these tools can map processes in a data-supported and holistic manner. While users set the focus, the platform can be extended, adapted and linked to other devices (e.g. IoT devices) as required. This ensures that the company always has the functionality that meets its current needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Sales screen


Achieve more business transactions

  • Find and build stronger relationships. Improve productivity and performance. Get a unified view of customers.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Marketing screen


Increase customer demand

  • Find and maintain the right leads. Create networked customer experiences. Always keep an eye on current market trends.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Customer Service Screen


Exceed customer expectations

  • Offer positive customer experiences - faster. Optimize resources and help technicians work more efficiently. Reduce operating costs.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Human Resources screen

Human Resources

Improve your human resources management

  • Make your work in personnel administration easier. Optimize processes and programs in human resources. Offer self-service experiences. Benefit from insights that make Arbeitsplatz fördern.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Project Service Automation

Project Service Automation

Shaping successful projects

  • Ensure an outstanding project environment. Deliver profitable projects on time and within budget while increasing employee productivity.

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Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365

opens new digital ways for your company.

We will be happy to help you discover the Dynamics 365 applications for supporting your employees, sustaining customer loyalty and optimizing processes during a practical introduction to a test environment or a live demonstration by a solution expert.