Since the beginning of this year Microsoft introduced some features for the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, which where greatly missed by the community and were originately from the Outlook add-in Dynamics 365 for Outlook. One of those features is the category-based tracking within the Outlook client. The gradual introduction of these "old" features is supposed to close the gap between the add-in and the new app for Outlook. With the latest release of Dynamics 365 (online) version 8.2, it is possible to track emails, appointments, and tasks in Outlook with a special Outlook category enabled through server-side synchronization. Version 9.0 will be supported soon.

We will show you in a few steps how to activate the category-based tracking within Outlook!

1. Install the latest Solution of the Organization Settings Editor on your Instance.

You can get the latest version under this link:


2. Open the Solution and activate the tracking through pressing of the “Add” button.


3. Set the “TrackCategorizedItems” Boolean to True.

Now you are free to delete the solution from your instance again, it is not necessary anymore. After you complete these easy steps you can start to work with the new categorie within the Outlook client. 

Now you or a delegated person should be able to track multiple different objects in just a few clicks:

Track Emails in Outlook

Emails will be tracked every 15 minutes, depending on how your Email Synchronization options are configured.

This Email can now be directly looked into through the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook interface:


Track Appointments in Outlook


Track Tasks in Outlook

When removing the category from the objects, be notified that the data record on the CRM side will not be deleted, just untracked.

Reversing the Deprecation of Dynamics 365 for Outlook

As probably some of you know Microsoft planned to depreciate Dynamics 365 for Outlook. After the massive feedback they got from the Dynamics community they decided to reverse the depreciation. The graduate introduction of features from the Outlook add-in for the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook seems to pave slowy the way for a deprecation in the near future. But untill that moment, the community and developer have enough time to get familar with the new Outlook application.