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According to general definitions, a project is an intention that is essentially characterized by the uniqueness of the conditions in its entirety, for example through the goal, temporal, financial, personnel and other limitations to other endeavors within the company. INKUBIT offers a professional planning, control and implementation of software development and / or migration projects for any kind of IT business solutions. As an external consultancy, we are able to offer support in precarious situations and to reach an effective solution in economically reasonable costs. We consider our social competence as a key component for the success of every customer. You will profit from our organizational skills, outstanding knowledge and experience in project management.


The importance of professional project management for a high goal-setting is extremely high. The organizational unit for all project-specific questions should be guaranteed and project standards established by the Project Management Office. Depending on the basic conditions of a company, tasks should be customized. Depending on the complexity of a project, the tasks and responsibilities must be distributed in an accordingly proportion to all project participants.

The tasks of the PMO can be defined as follows:

Tasks in the area of project communication

  • Standardization of communication structures (including the development and provision of coordinated and suitable document templates for project-specific presentations / plans / reports / reports)
  • Publication of official communication channels (for example, creation and maintenance of a project mailbox, naming of contact persons)

Tasks in project organization

  • Support and implementation of project meetings / events (including the coordination of appointments, organization of premises, logging, to-do list creation and rework, such as providing documents and distribution of logs)

Tasks in the field of administration

  • Creation of project documentation
  • Maintenance of all created documents / logs in a document storage
  • Identification and documentation of milestones and gained insights
  • Development / optimization and documentation of best practices in knowledge management

Tasks in the field of project controlling

  • PMO ensures uniformity and comparability of the projects (benchmarking)
  • Project reporting (e.g., regular status assessment of projects)
  • Project review (for example, drawing up appropriate summaries and reports for project control, standardization and implementation of project revision meetings)

Increase the prospects for success on your project with the know-how and expertise of INKUBIT. Our experience in project management ensures an organized and conflict-minimized sequence of your projects.