What Microsoft Social Engagement is and how can it help your business ?

Internet marketing and social media presence is important in today's world. That's where Microsoft Social Engagement comes in. We need to appreciate what this digital age means for our society, to realize that these platforms are what television channels and newspapers were a decade ago. Very often companies forget that the attention is the asset and the internet own's it. Social media can play a big part in boosting brand awareness, generating leads and driving revenue for your business.

Problem Solved: Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps - which one should I choose?

Recently we reported a lot about Microsoft Flow and its functionalities. We compared the Dynamics 365 workflow with the Microsoft Flow workflow and reported on the new native integration of Microsoft Flow in Dynamics 365 v9. One thing in advance: The functionalities and possibilities convince us to the full extent. Today, I'd like to talk a little bit more about Azure Logic Apps as we're getting more questions from customers about the difference between Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps.
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