Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Planning and executing effective marketing campaigns from newsletters to social media and event management.

As a business, you want to get the most out of your marketing and sales investments. Yet you face the challenge of distributed data silos across your customer and marketing data. Whether a potential new customer or a long-standing existing customer, your goal is to communicate effectively with your customers and create sustainable customer relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you to get a more holistic view of your new and existing customers and enables your company to plan and execute leads via various online channels such as email campaigns, social media activities or your website as well as offline channels such as trade fairs or telephone campaigns in one central platform. Your customers are sent on individual customer journeys via lead and customer nurturing campaigns and are thus provided with relevant information automatically at predefined intervals.

Enable your marketing and sales employees to work together effectively and quickly identify sales opportunities and develop new business potential.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to track all contact points with your customers from email communications and open rates to in-person trade show appointments, allowing you to measure the reach and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns .

Customer communication in the digital age

  • Unify customer and prospect data and enable precision-fit marketing campaigns using artificial intelligence for marketing automation
  • Coordinate customer communication through a variety of marketing channels
  • Enable your marketing and sales employees to process leads with the same tools
  • Encourage customer interactions at the right time through artificial intelligence and interaction promotion

Microsoft Dynamics 365
solution overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing supports you in a wide range of marketing activities in your company. From multichannel campaigns to lead nurturing activities as well as event management and artificial intelligence functions - make your marketing more efficient and personalized with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

Your advantages through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

One platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing runs on the same platform as other applications in Microsoft's business application solutions, so you don't create any additional data silos.          

Centralization of your marketing activities

Take advantage of marketing automation to centrally plan, execute and analyse all types of marketing campaigns. From LinkedIn campaigns to event and trade fair contact management. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and scalability of your marketing campaigns

Scalable architecture and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) lets you manage marketing campaigns from micro SMB campaigns to multi-channel, enterprise-level campaigns

Fast entry with SaaS Cloud solution

The products of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications series, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, are optimized for cloud deployments. Complex infrastructure and setup procedures are eliminated through SaaS deployment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Successfully optimize marketing and sales processes

Your standard implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Best Practice Implementation in just a few weeks  

Our Standard Packaged Services Offerings, standardise a project from A to Z and provide predictable cost, scope and timeframe for adding value to your business. INKUBIT has developed a 9-day standardised Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing implementation package that specialises in, among other things, the provision of the solution from the cloud, its implementation and customisation, data import and end-user training of the solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Feature Highlights

Experience effective customer communication in a new way with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Multichannel marketing campaigns

Plan and execute customer communications across any marketing channel and measure success.

Make use of the advantages of marketing automation:

  • E-mail marketing
  • Website Landingpages
  • Events
  • Telemarketing
  • SMS integration
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Other customer channels

Seamless integration into the Microsoft Business Applications Ecosystem

Whether Excel or Outlook integration via Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) integration or Microsoft Power Automate and Forms Pro. 

An integration into the world of the Microsoft Ecosystem enables seamless processes and enables efficient working with familiar tools and applications.

Effective cooperation between sales and marketing

Coordinated procedures and processes enable sales and marketing on one platform to achieve goals together.

A unified view of the customer enables you to identify top customers faster and close more deals. Prioritise the right leads, increase productivity and foster collaboration between sales and marketing.

Learn more about your customers with surveys

Get the relevant information about your customers through surveys with Microsoft Forms Pro

Generate surveys and measure customer sentiment and satisfaction at every customer interaction point.

event management

From webinars to trade fair events - plan the trade fair organisation in advance and inform participants before and after the trade fair with the most important information.

From planning the speakers, to sending out invitations. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing you have integrated trade shows and webinar functionalities and use these campaign formats as an important marketing tool to get in touch with your existing and new customers. Engage customers in your business more efficiently and with greater personalization with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing - more effectively than ever before.

Simple marketing automation by means of customer journeys

From periodic newsletters to lead routing to the sales department, benefit from marketing automation capabilities in your business

Build target customer segments, identify your best customers and initiate renewed communication with existing customers to enable new business potential.

Marketing reporting through marketing KPIs

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Understand which marketing activities achieve the desired effects and which do not.

From A/B split tests to defined marketing KPIs - experiment in the smallest target groups and improve the content of your marketing campaigns. Use artificial intelligence algorithms to get meaningful lead scoring and execute the right marketing activities at the right time.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing can bring your company new digital

Paths opened.

We'd love to help you discover Dynamics 365 for Marketing applications to support your employees, sustain customer engagement and streamline operations with a hands-on introduction in a test environment or a live demo by a solution expert. Re-define marketing in your business with Microsoft Dynamics - with more personalized and customized customer engagement.