Microsoft Power BI

Your transformation to a data-driven organization

Real-time information when it matters - unify your self-service and business analytics capabilities with a single platform:

Microsoft Power BI meets all your self-service and enterprise data analysis needs, including powerful semantic models, multiple connectivity options and precisely formatted reports.

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence technology and a component of Microsoft's business intelligence (BI) portfolio. The cloud service allows data to be analyzed and visualized in real time and in a self-service process. Self-service business intelligence makes data analysis as simple as possible, so that in principle anyone in the company can create evaluations and reports as needed.

With Microsoft Power BI, your organisation can gain hidden data insights to get the most value from your data. Power BI enables you to build a data-driven culture in your organisation to make the right decisions. Read more in our blog article.

Also, benefit from the fusion of Microsoft 365 & BI into a holistic solution that enables organizations to capture, analyze and transform their business data into meaningful insights in Microsoft 365. 

Advantages of Power BI 

  • A results- and data-driven culture: Provide access to BI and analytics to all employees and foster data-driven collaboration across the organization for greater efficiency.
  • Make the right decisions: Discover and analyze in real time what's going on from factory sensors to social networks so you can make the right decisions at the right time. 
  • Unify your analytics: Un ify decision support and enterprise data on a single platform. For example, benefit from the fusion of Microsoft 365 & Power BI to unify decision support and enterprise data on a single platform.
  • Report anytime, anywhere: With Microsoft Power BI, your interactive reports are always at your fingertips and you can access your data anytime via Microsoft Power BI Mobile. The mobile version allows you to view your reports and dashboards securely and in real time on the device of your choice.

Microsoft Power BI - Benefits 

Microsoft Power BI offers a wide range of benefits for your self-service BI organization, including the fusion of Microsoft 365 & BI: 

Why should your company choose Power BI?

One of the largest and fastest growing BI clouds can be relied upon

Global data centres enable interactive sharing of your data visualisations in the form of dashboards worldwide, while national clouds make compliance and regulatory requirements possible. For more in-depth information, we recommend the following link:  

One of the industry leaders in "Analytics and BI" for many

According to Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms in 2020 (one of the leading vendors in the market research industry worldwide), trust Power BI in an industry-leading vendor(

Maximum protection and data security

You can also use your familiar Office 365 encryption methods and data security concepts in Power BI.
Improve compliance with data protection and regulatory requirements by monitoring sensitive data with Microsoft Cloud App Security.

A cost-effective BI for all

Since Power BI Desktop is free to use and Power BI Pro is available at a low monthly price, you can cost-effectively promote your BI and analytics capabilities in your data-driven organisation. INKUBIT offers, compared to Microsoft directly (, lower monthly prices and daily cancellable licence subscriptions (

Driving innovations and functions

The innovations within the Power BI world are rapid thanks to the global feedback community, so that monthly updates sustainably improve the Power BI functions.
The application is constantly extended from the functional scope and new functions can give the company new possibilities to work with Power BI tool or to implement your BI requirements.

Microsoft Azure and Big Data

With Microsoft Azure it is possible to Big Data faster by simplifying analyses with large amounts of data. Unlimited Azure Data Lakes enable deeper data insights - even with Big Data volumes.

Full Excel integration

Due to the familiarity of working with Microsoft Excel, creating queries, data models and reports in Power BI is no problem. Power BI offers the possibility to continue using existing Excel reporting or to build on it. Furthermore, it is also possible to access Power BI reports from Excel with "Analyze inExcel" or to export parts of a Power BI report as a table.

Real-time analysis and real-time data insights

Enjoy real-time analytics updates and learn what's happening - not what's already happened. Real-time analytics on diverse data sources enable real-time reactions in your organisation - based on your data in Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI - What is it?

Your standard implementation

5 days Power BI

Best practiceintroduction 

Our Standard Packaged Services Offering, standardises a project from A to Z and provides predictable cost, scope and timeframe for adding value to your business. The SPSO Power BI Proof of Concept (PoC) is a one-week collaboration that outlines a standardised approach from the introduction around Power BI, hands-on workshop, requirements analysis to a PoC Power BI report.

Microsoft Power BI - License Options

With Microsoft Power BI, you have two licensing options - you only pay for what you use and share.

Power BI Pro

Use the Power BI Pro licence to share reports across the organisation and enable synchronous consumption of interactive content.

Power BI Pro enables data-driven collaboration:

  • Make business decisions based more on facts and less on intuition and instinct by sharing your data visualizations throughout your organization.
  • You can share your analysis results internally to team members or externally outside your company - an appropriate authorization concept is essential for this.
  • You can make your data-driven decisions wherever you are - via the Power BI Mobile App or the Power BI Service.
  • Always stay up to date - with comment functions in reports, content subscriptions and update notifications.

Gain quick insights from your data:

  • Using natural language via Q&A's - you can explore your data via text input and receive automated suggestions for questions and appropriate visualization types.
  • Ready-made templates for data visualizations and data reports enable quick data insights.
  • You can attach your most important reports and analyses so that you are always within reach.

Use the Microsoft tools you have trusted for years:

  • You can efficiently use your previous knowledge, especially with Excel and Microsoft technologies, in Power BI to extract answers from your data - Power BI is based on Power Query M technology and was developed from Power Excel.
  • The impact of your reports can be increased by sharing them with your team members - e.g. in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or the Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft Power BI therefore integrates easily into your Microsoft Ecosystem. Microsoft 365 & Power BI provide organizations with a holistic solution to capture, analyze and transform business data into insights in Microsoft 365. 
  • Benefit from familiar user interfaces of Microsoft technologies and thus increase data collection and exchange. One of the greatest added values is the increased user acceptance as well as a higher effectiveness by minimizing switches between different applications and technologies. 
  • Power BI & Microsoft Dynamics 365 form a powerful combination to help your organization analyze business data while effectively managing customer relationships

Secure data management with Microsoft standards

  • Power BI (Microsoft) uses a centrally managed, role-specific data protection concept so that data loss is avoided.
  • The national Microsoft clouds meet national and international regulations for service provision, data storage, data access and control.
  • Your data protection is always in the foreground in order to be able to meet compliance standards and certification requirements.

Power BI Premium

Power BI Premium offers advanced self-service data preparation, which promotes collaboration and data insights between data specialists and business analysts. Accelerate your decision making with a collaborative database and analytical reporting:

  • Any user -inside or outside your organization- can view all Power BI content and reports without having to purchase individual licenses (Power BI Pro).
  • Decide on the deployment option that best suits your organization: you have the option to report either on-premises via the Power BI report server, or via the Microsoft Cloud (Power BI Service) in a geographic region of your choice.
  • Demand-oriented scaling is possible through the completely controlled cloud infrastructure.

Upgrade your Big Data with self-service data preparations:

  • The most common services such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure Services, Microsoft Excel and Sharepoint can be connected in no time at all using predefined standard connectors.
  • The familiar Power Query interface allows you to transform and enhance your data.
  • After the initial data preparation, you can use it for any number of Power BI data models - which increases the efficiency and accuracy of your data in the long term.

Simplified data management and access

  • By providing your own Power BI capacity in the region of your choice, you can meet data location requirements.
  • Various reporting options, distribution formats and solution embedding allow users to view and collaborate on content.
  • As a unified BI tool, Power BI enables you to meet and manage central governance and security requirements.

Display your Power BI Premium content in the mobile Power BI app

  • Thanks to the native Power BI (Microsoft) mobile app for Windows, iOS as well as Android, you can use your Power BI reports and dashboards from any device.
  • On each device, you can use the touch screen to note important information about your Data Insights.
  • Other features of the Power BI mobile apps include querying your data in natural language and filtering by the geographic location where you are.

Learn how Microsoft Power BI can open up new digital avenues for your business.

We'll be happy to help you introduce Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports to support management decisions in your organization with a hands-on introduction in a test environment or a live demo by a solution expert. We'll also show you how you can benefit from merging Microsoft 365 & Power BI into a holistic solution - for more meaningful insights from your business data.